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"Homing from Work" & Other Workplace Trends

Posted on 10.16.2014

With the millennial generation now comprising more than one third of the American workforce, Website Magazine caught up with workplace expert Chris Duchesne, VP of Workplace Solutions at who talks millennial misconceptions, employee perks and work-life balance. 

Interestingly, Duchesne notes a shift taking place in today's hottest tech startups, as they shift from the promises of free beer and foosball to care for their growing families. What's more, Duchesne chats about the trend of "homing from work" and how his company reduces that distraction. 

What are some misconceptions that executives have about millennials in the workforce?

Duchesne, Among the biggest misconceptions executives have about millennials in the workforce is that they’re all lazy, entitled and unmotivated. The stereotype of the working millenial is a young kid fresh out of college, wearing a hoodie and Chuck Taylors who strolls in at 9:45, pops in the earbuds and checks in on Facebook throughout day. But if you look a little deeper than this surface level impression, the truth is that millennials are willing to work, and work hard – but they work differently than older generations. They grew up in the Internet age and are used to being constantly connected, so their expectation is to be engaged in their personal and professional lives. And their ideas about career paths are different; instead of joining a company and staying until retirement, it’s becoming more common to stay at a job for a few years and move on to acquire different skills and achieve new goals.

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What are some new ways that tech startups and enterprises are attracting new talent and how does that differ from old ways?

Duchesne, What tech startups and enterprises are doing well when it comes to attracting new talent, especially young talent, comes down to corporate branding. It used to be that what you look for in an employer is a stable company, a place where you can spend 20 or 30 years. But today it’s about the now, and the blurring of lines between personal and professional lives. You look at lists of the best places to work and the common thread there is they’re engaging and supporting employees with a holistic wellness program. That’s important because we’re past the point of work-life balance and need to be thinking in terms of work-life integration.

Flex work and family-friendly benefits aren’t just buzzwords – they make a difference when it comes to attracting and retaining young talent and employees with caregiving responsibilities, which together make up the majority of the workforce. To bring it back to branding, technology companies and startups successfully attracting new talent are the ones positioning themselves as a place where people want to work, and they’re doing that by offering and promoting these benefits, programs and policies that help their employees to achieve fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. 

How does help professionals meet their goals for work-life balance?

Duchesne, What does to help professionals meet their work-life goals is utilize technology to make the process of finding, hiring and even paying for reliable, quality care more efficient. There’s an increasing trend toward “homing from work,” which is when employees will be tending their personal responsibilities during the workday – things like online banking, running a few errands at lunch or scheduling a doctor’s appointment, for instance. With  as a benefit, professionals have access our network of 11.8 million members at their fingertips, through their computer, tablet or smartphone.  

How does work with enterprises to ensure their employees have care for their families?

Duchesne,, through our Workplace Solutions suite of offerings, enterprises ensure their employees have care for their families by providing a technology platform through which they can meet their care needs, be it child care, senior care, pet care or home care. Our Workplace offerings not only provide access to our platform of caregivers, but also backup care for children and adults and access to Master’s level social workers who assist with senior care planning for employees with aging parents or relatives. When an enterprise offers as a benefit to their employees – the company is given a custom portal to access, and the subscription fee and services booked through are subsidized or sometimes paid fully by the employer. also offers on-site care for companies during seasonal business peaks or events.   

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