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The Internet Professionals Guide to Net Promoter Score

Posted on 7.31.2013

Money Ball for the Digital Marketer

Digital marketers play a direct role in helping to establish, maintain and foster relationships between a business and its customers.

The experience that customers take away from specific interactions with an enterprise influences how they feel about the brand overall (obviously) and, equally important, what they might share with others.

By improving the percentage of an audience with a positive perception, and eliminating or reducing the amount and degree of negative perceptions, brands will find it's easier to grow a customer base - and drive future revenue too.

For that reason systems such as Net Promoter Score have emerged over the years to help enterprises, both real and virtual, determine just how customers perceive their brand and what they were saying to others during their interactions. For example, the Net Promoter Score, which uses a three-category system of Promoters, Passives and Detractors, asks customers how likely is it that they would recommend [product x].

The system itself is quite straightforward - just take the percentage of customer who are Promoters (loyal enthusiasts who keep buying and referring others) and subtract it from the percentage of Detractors (unhappy customers who can damage a brand and impede growth by sharing their negative perception with others. For those enterprises which track their Net Promoter Score, improvements are made over time to the customer experience.

(for example, what's the increase in Net Promoter Score for our business when the call center personnel say 'Good morning" or "Good evening"

What systems like Net Promoter Score aim to provide is an operational framework for very customer-focused enterprises. The model can be used to motivate an organization to concentrate its energies on improving products and service (and experiences in general) because there is a correlation between a positive general perception and revenue growth.


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