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Posted on 12.26.2013

It's been another exceptional year for technology and the Web, and another successful year for 'Net professionals like you! Let's take a look back at some of the most popular posts (as defined by our readers, of course) that were published here at Website Magazine over the past year by our talented staff of editors and contributing writers.

As you can see below (the list has been categorized by month), Website Magazine readers' interests range from Web design and development to social media and search engine optimization (and as you might image, a whole lot more). More than 120 articles are included below, but keep in mind there are hundreds of others - both online and in the print magazine - that deserve your attention!

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: Top Website Magazine Content of 2013 :


December 2013 Top 10

- 12 Important Google Webmaster Videos from 2013
- jQuery Maps: Oh, The Places You Will Go
- Experts Speak: 2014 Predictions
- 3 Ways Merchants Can Encourage Sharing
- Bing-Pinterest SEO?
- The Ghosts of SEO Past, Present & Future

- 10 Apps to Make You a Better CEO
- The Top 6 Tech Trends for 2014
- Unlocking the Power of Single Theme Landing Experiences
- How Much is a Website Worth

November 2013 Top 10

- What's Your Geo-Rank?
- 7 Magento Extensions You May Be Missing
- 11 Top iPad Apps with Unimpressive Ratings
- The Golden Rule of Meta Descriptions
- Responsive Design Adoption Dangerously Low Among Retailers

- SEO Beginner's Guide to Landing Pages & Minisites
- Strategy, Structure & Support: The 3 S's of Web Success
- How to Build Your Brand with Humor
- Link Building for Retailers: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
- 3 Free Alternatives to Google Analytics


October 2013 Top 10

- 5 Minute Single page Scrolling Website
- 33 Wordpress Themes for Every Person
- 5 Beautiful Business Blog Designs
- Give Bing SEO a Chance
- Scary Social: 6 Strategies to Avoid
- 7 Pinterest Tips for the Holidays

- Why Omitting Keyword Data is Not the End of SEO
- Will Google Plus Ever Make It?
- 8 Tips for Getting Active Instagram Followers
- 10 Habits of Highly Effective Email Marketers


September 2013 Top 10

- 10 Popular Google Web Fonts
- The Day That SEO Died (Sort Of)
- Create Social Posts That Get Clicks
- Keeping up with Pinterest: 5 Updates for Brands
- Two Essential Search Query Operators
- Brand Examples: Social Profile Designs on the Big 3 Networks

- 7 Ways to Create Goota Open This Email Subject Lines
- Domain Names: What are the New TLDs?
- How to Choose the Right Ecommerce SOlution for Your Organization
- Making Color Considerations for Mobile


August 2013 Top 10

- The Dark Side of Web Design
- Photoshopapalooza: A Photoshop Guide
- Pin-Off: Amazon Collections vs. Pinterest
- 9 Instagram Video Strategies
- Formulas for E-Commerce Success

- 10 Questions for Social Media Candidates
- 10 Ways to Rethink Link Building
- Why Developers Contribute to Open Source Projects
- 8 Steps to Higher Facebook Graph Search Rankings
- Tips to Improve PPC Campaigns & Reduce Cost Per Click


July 2013 Top 10

- Become a SoLoMo Superstar with Wordpress
- 3 Navigational Design Solutions for Mega Websites
- 5 Facebook Graph Search Questions Answered
- Practical Tips for Developing Authoritative Content

- 5-Point Website Redesign Checklist
- 6 Reasons Facebook Ad Campaigns Fail
- 10 Things to Know Before You Start Selling Online
- 5 Design Elements That Can Help Maximize Online Sales
- Google Knowledge Graph's Impact on SEO
- Why Apps Aren't Going Away & Why You Should Care


June 2013 Top 10

- 3 Must-See Menu Design Styles
- Before and After: 11 Exceptional Website Redesigns
- Doing Facebook Hashtags the Right Way
- 5 Magnificent Magento Themes
- 9 Rules of Portfolio Site Creation
- 10 Reputation Monitoring Tools for Merchants
- Which Social Network is Best for Merchants?
- 9 Ad Lessons to Change your Thinking
- Digital Showcase: 17 Companies to Know

- How Google Updates have Permanently Changes the Face of SEO


May 2013 Top 10

- 6 Super Call to Actions (Plus Tips)
- 20 Terrific Tumblr Themes
- 10 Social Sites You're Not Using
- Working in a Post Penguin 2.0 Web
- 5 Possible Reasons Why Your Traffic is Declining
- E-commerce Sales Tax Questions Answered
- 7 Ways to Build Authority on Google
- Parallax Scolling, Responsive Design Make Nice

- The Web's Most Gorgeously Design Websites
- The Truth About SEO Backlinks


April 2013 Top 10

- Award Winning Websites That Inspire Us
- Creative Design Tools for Non-Designers
- SEO Mechanics: Anchor Text
- Big List of Link Building No-No's
- Experts Speak: Everyday Design Tools
- 3 Simple Ways to Spruce Up a Product Page
- 5 Tips to Take Over Tumblr
- 10 Tips to Become an Overnight Web Video Superstar

- How to Effective Create, Market, & Use Hashtags
- The Top 15 Apps Ecommerce Sites Can't Do Without


March 2013 Top 10

- 5 Ways to Be Banned by Google Overnight
- How to Dissappear from Facebook
- Modern SEO Page Naming Conventions
- 12 Effective Corporate Blog Designs
- 9 Spectacular Social API's
- 5 Questions to Ask Your Social Media Consultant
- Crash Course in Google Hangouts
- Optimized Product Pages to Checkout
- Facebook Graph Search Secrets Revealed
- Six Questions for Responsive Designers

February 2013 Top 10

- The Difference Between Rel=Author & Rel=Publisher
- 10 Platforms for Obtaining Customer Feedback
- 6 Innovative Solutions to Captcha Their Attention
- Chrome Extensions for Hyper-Productive Developers
- Black Hat vs White Hat Social Media Marketing
- Responsive Design Gets Simplified
- Extreme Makeover SEO Edition
- Exploring White Label SEO Solutions
- Content Marketing Without a Blog
- Design Inspiration from the Web 100


January 2013 Top 10

- Once a Week SEO Checklist
- Trends in Title Tag Design
- 5 Exciting eCommerce Headers
- Social Sharing Pluigins for the Wordpress Experience
- 10 Gallantly Green Websites
- 4 Ways to Go Local
- Developing Image Search Optimization
- jQuery Plugins for Increasing Interaction

- Responsive Design Not So Simple
- 13 Ecommerce Trends for 2013

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