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Small Biz Tips for Holiday Marketing on Facebook

Posted on 12.19.2013

:: By Robert Morris, ::

If you own a small business, thinking about holiday marketing is even more important than holiday shopping. Online holiday sales in the U.S. are significantly increased with each year - with no end in sight. Combine holiday commerce with Facebook, and you have an excellent ground for a successful marketing campaign that will bring lots of profit for your small business. 

The clock is ticking, so you better start planning your Facebook holiday marketing campaign with the speed of light! Even if you are standing behind, it still isn’t too late to start implementing our quick tips that will make your company more successful this season. 

1. Be smart with the Facebook cover photo

The cover photo on your company’s business profile has a huge impact to your followers. When they visit the profile, that’s the first thing they will notice. Updating the Facebook cover photo to bring some holiday spirit into the page is a must. This is a simple way to make your Facebook marketing campaign fun and connect with your audience by celebrating the holidays with them. 

A perfectly chosen cover photo will show that your company cares about its clients, and the number of likes you get on it will show you that you’ve achieved to strengthen your relationship with them by humanizing your profile. 

Don’t just choose some random holiday photo from Google to set as the cover photo on your business profile. The photo has to be unique if you want it to represent your company and attract more clients to use your services or buy your products. The cover photo has to include the logo of your company and a unique message that will wish happy holidays to your followers. (Discover more Profile Inspirations

2. Engage your followers

People get conversational around holidays. They like to share their thoughts and the holiday spirit enhances their beliefs and values. Use that inclination to get them engaged in conversations you provoke with your Facebook statuses. Ask questions and call them to action – these are proven business tactics that increase the visibility and popularity on Facebook. 

Use action words in your statuses, such as tell us, like, submit, take, comment, post, etc. This is the time when these statuses don’t have to be strictly associated to your business. Ask your followers about their favorite holiday songs, cookies or anything else that will get them in a talkative mood. That will definitely add some engagement and cheer to your Facebook business page.

3. Decorate the Facebook wall

Your Facebook wall is where business magic happens during the holidays. Use it wisely to post giveaways, sweepstakes and fun company contests (see "An Insider's Guide to Social Contest Platforms"). This type of holiday campaign will be greatly appreciated by your fans – you will show that your company cares about them and wants to make them happy. 

Forget about that Ebenezer Scrooge behavior, because the more you give to your potential customers, the more they will give back. Launch a seasonal campaign and reward your faithful followers with something they will appreciate. 

4. Praise your employees

Holiday season is the right time to make your employees proud of being part of your company, and Facebook is the perfect ground to give them credit. Sharing the faces of your brand with your customers will make them more related to you, and you will definitely motivate your employees to do their best to maintain the status of stars. Those highlighted employees will most probably share the posts on their own Facebook timelines, which will get you more fans for your business profile. Smart, isn’t it?

By implementing the above-mentioned tips for enhancing your holiday marketing campaign, you will guide your small business towards greater acceptance by your audience. It is very important to connect to your customers during this period if you want to keep their interest longer, so roll up the sleeves and start bringing some holiday spirit into your Facebook marketing campaign. 

Robert Morris is a professional writer from custom essay writing service Loves writing tips and tricks for students. He is interested in improving his writing and learning through technology. Follow Ninjaessays on Twitter!

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