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Top B2B Conversion Funnels for Inspiration (And Conversions)

Posted on 7.31.2013

A mind-blowing 68 percent of B2B organizations have not identified their conversion funnels.

The other 32 percent are driving conversions through their use of video, live chat and other offerings to support the discerning business buyer. When developing a sales funnel for B2B companies, it's important to keep in mind that today's B2B buyer looks a lot like their B2C counterpart. In fact, they are what ShopVisible call "pro-sumers" and have the best tools and information available to them virtually everywhere at any time. They are accustomed to the simplicity and ease-of-use that consumer retailers provide them online.

The following three companies effectively move their B2B consumers through their conversion funnels with the same ease-of-use that B2C shoppers find in the retail space. 


What They Do: HubSpot's inbound marketing software offers businesses an all-in-one marketing solution, from blogging and analytics to social media and automation. 

Why Their Conversion Funnel Works: When arriving to (Image A), visitors have to main options: request a demo or view all features. Since HubSpot offers a variety of integrated marketing tools, a personalized demo seems to be the best option for businesses really wanting to understand how HubSpot can help them. If users select the demo option they are brought to a contact form with a strong call-to-action, "Show Me HubSpot" (Image B). If visitors prefer to walk themselves through HubSpot, from the main page they can select "View all features." The corresponding page (Image C) shows graphics, a phone number and, once again, the option to request a demo. Throughout the entire sales funnel, "Free Trial" is an option at the top of the page. 


(Image A)

(Image B)

(Image C)


What They Do: A social media dashboard, HootSuite helps businesses manage multiple networks and profiles and measure their social media efforts. 

Why Their Conversion Funnel Works: First and foremost, HootSuite's use of social login (Sign Up Using Facebook - see Image A) is key to not only increasing conversions, but also personalizing the user experience because of the information pulled from the visitor's social account. Prospects are more likely to sign up using existing credentials than create a new account and remember yet another login/password combo. What's more, HootSuite's focus on either creating an account or seeing plans and pricing works for them, because of the aforementioned use of social login, as well as the affordability of their product. When users select Plans & Pricing from the split funnel (basically, learn more or sign up), they see that there is a free account available (see Image B), which makes the product assessable. Furthermore, the Plans & Pricing page has CTAs at both the top of each column (Get Started Now) and at the bottom. Additionally, the HootSuite's promotion of brands that use its services (like Virgin and Pepsico) add credibility to their brand. 

(Image A)

(Image B)


What They Do: Marketo provides marketing automation software for email, social, analytics, lead management and more.

Why Their Conversion Funnel Works: Marketo wants visitors to not just read about what they do, but SEE what they do, which is why they offer a video to explain it (Image A is the homepage and Image B is a screenshot of the video). There isn't really more that Marketo could have covered on their homepage - want to watch a 4-minute demo (Image C), contact us (Image D) or get your free trial (see Image E) - covers all the conversion best practices. Additionally, Marketo is a thought leader in the marketing space and promotes its many reports and guides on its homepage (once a user scrolls down). 

(Image A)

(Image B)

(Image C)

(Image D)

(Image E)


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