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Unfollow Inactive Twitterati: The Golden Feather Ratio

Posted on 6.26.2012

Smart social media users should know that when it comes to Twitter, the ratio between the number of those you are following and the number (and quality) of those who follow you back matters greatly.

Matter to what exactly? To the authenticity of your account in the virtual eye of the Twitter bird but more importantly to the perception of prospective followers.

Admit it, you're much more likely to follow an account/profile that follows a low number of profiles in comparison to the high number of those that are following them back. It's human nature; we want to be around the in-crowd. For example, a profile with 10 followers that follows 10,000 should cause you to question following them. On the other hand, an account with 10,000 followers that only follows 10 is someone likely we should be interested in following. 

What social media workers should ultimately be after is to have a profile that has more followers and is following fewer - let's call it the "golden feather ratio." That is just common sense, right? While social media pundits debate what the actual "golden feather ratio" actually is, the ideal is to have at least two to three times more followers than profiles you are following. Sounds simple enough. One of the easiest way to adjust your ratio is to stop following inactive accounts.

Now is the time to Unfollow
Once a social media worker follows a profile it is not necessary to follow them forever. Often we follow an account just so that we can establish a neccessary line of communication. But since social media accounts have a tendency to go dormant - particularly those on Twitter - routinely pruning your followers puts a positive spin on this important ratio.

So what options do you have for unfollowing inactive Twitter users? While it's possible to perform this function manually, many web services exist which automate most of the unfollow process - leaving nothing more than the click of a button to leave a dormant profile behind. Here are three of our favorites - all of which were tested out this morning.

JustUnFollow | ManageFlitter | Tweepi

There are many tools like JustUnFollow, ManageFlitter and Tweepi so share with WM and its readers how you go through the unfollow process for your Twitter account. 

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