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Web Success Podcast #3 - #WebTechWatch Edition

This is the Web Tech Watch edition of the Website Magazine Web Success podcast and we're focusing on technology software solutions that have the ‘Net buzzing.


Greetings everybody; you’re now listening to Website Magazine’s Web Success Podcast. I’m Pete Prestipino, Founder, Editor, and analyst at the publication; and here’s how the show works:

Each Web Success Podcast features briefs on the most popular recent articles at and addresses the most pervasive challenges faced by Internet professionals today. What we hope to accomplish in this and every show is to provide listeners with actionable, useful information and guidance they can use to achieve Web success.

This is our Web Tech Watch edition and today we’re focused on technology software solutions that have the ‘Net buzzing.

First up, Amazon Sumerian, an Amazon Web services offering that makes it possible to create and run virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D applications. Sumerian is going to make it possible to build immersive and interactive scenes that run on hardware like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and others - and the best part - it doesn't require any specialized programming or 3D graphics expertise. If you’re looking for a truly differentiated user experience this may be it.

Amazon is far from the only company looking to capitalize on the VR and AR trend however and some interesting solutions are emerging which are showing what’s possible with the available technology.

If you are like most business professionals you spend a lot of time in meetings. The rise of collaboration and meeting software however has very much changed this aspect of the working experience. Even with the advancements these offerings provide, offerings like Slack, they still require a great deal of effort to manage. A technology solution called Rumi however hopes to change how workers communicate and collaborate with its virtual reality solution. Rumi can be used on virtual reality headsets like those mentioned previously as well as on desktops. Users will be able to manipulate virtual objects while they’re using it, making it ideal for remote teams or digital nomads.

Search engine optimization remains top of mind with today's enterprises, of course, and those responsible for organic traffic know that the fastest way to get to the top of results pages at popular search engines is to be very organized and methodical and the variety of SEO tools on the market today are, overall, making it much less complicated an endeavor. FandangoSEO emerged this month and looks to be a rather comprehensive platform, offering its users an opportunity to identify and fix errors, analyze their site architecture, review internal links, optimize content and more. Pricing seems in line with similar offerings, as well, ranging from 15 per month for small projects to around 350 for larger websites and agencies.

SEO’s working on Wordpress sites and looking to improve their efforts should take a look at the Sqirrly plugin. The offering provides some very actionable insights as content is being developed and even showcases opportunities to improve various aspects of existing pages. This is a paid plugin at 20/mo but if you’re serious about SEO - and SEO on Wordpress in particular - then this provides a terrific head start in some very important areas.

Email marketers using Mailchimp now have the ability within that system to create landing pages – and to create those assets without incurring any additional cost. Mailchimp is offering two templates – one for selling and the other for growing an email list but it is quite likely they will expand the number of templates in the future to cover more use cases. Using the tool, Marketers can add their own images, copy and select other design elements that match their brand, and if their e-commerce store is connected, they will be able to drag and drop products into these landing pages as well. Integrations for Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop and Big Commerce are available now.

If you’re looking for an entirely different digital experience than a traditional Web-based landing page experience, consider checking out landbot - a tool to create conversational websites. What that means is that the solution provides an opportunity to engage visitors and boost conversion in a true conversational interface - think of it as a chatbot for your website content. 20 visual elements can be customized and they offer a rather simple builder to help make that happen. The product of using that builder can be a full page website or even a banner or widget. If you're looking to add a more human element to your website land bot is a good opportunity to do so.

By the way, you can find links to all of the companies mentioned in this podcast and all Website Magazine web success podcasts at

Those looking to extract more value from their data should take a look at Retro Analytics. This is really an ideal solution for those that don’t want to go as far as hiring a data scientist. The system essentially tracks all website actions and behaviors and delivers natural language insights in order to help their users increase conversions. This plain English style of data science is increasingly popular among web professionals. There are other offerings similar to this such as that provided by Narrative Science’s Quill platform.

Moving on, the team at, which produces growth and acquisition tools for websites, has introduced a new offering that aims to gamify Web interaction. Visitors that use Sumo’s new Cart Casino offering on websites enter their email address for a chance to win random prizes like discounts or special offers . While there is a concern that it could leave users and visitors feeling frustrated however there are some methods that can be employed outside of a purely Casino interaction.

Finally, our readers are always curious about what’s on our bookshelf - they want to know what we are reading? One book we think is worth a closer look is “The Buyers Guide to Websites” by Drew Barton. It provides a great overview of what I think all professionals should know to get the best possible website from their agency. Drew actually wrote the feature article in this week’s Website Magazine Design and development newsletter on scope creep - so check that out.

Hey, that’s all we have for today. Thanks so much for listening to Website Magazine’s Web Success Podcast.
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