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Posted on 12.23.2009

White Papers, Webinars, and Videos: 

This information is made available to Website Magazine’s audience courtesy of our sponsors and is free of charge. By registering you may be contacted by our sponsor.

  • E-Commerce Tips for Digital Marketing Teams
    Live Webinar – August 2, 2pm Eastern/11 am Pacific: Everything we do online is ultimately intended to help our businesses drive revenue and retain happy customers. Join us for an exclusive webinar on how to support and increase e-commerce sales with content and customers experience management strategies and best practices. Learn: E-commerce and payment systems trends all digital marketers should understand to be effective today; How to leverage your content management system to integrate and deploy high-performing e-commerce strategies, whether you’re new to e-commerce or want to improve with best practices; HobbyTown case study examples of brick-n-mortar and online stores working together for local communities and sales; Mobile and social commerce tips to implement immediately to improve reach, acquisition and conversions that influence sales. Sponsored by EKTRON

  • Social Marketing Strategies for Digital 007s
    Live Webinar – July 17, 2 p.m. Eastern/11 a.m. Pacific: Find out how your competition can actually help you optimize your marketing strategy and increase ROI in 2012. Too often, analyzing competitors is limited to public information about sales volume and subscribers or from annual reports. Given this information is relatively static (typically released quarterly), it’s difficult to synthesize these numbers into the actionable information that our clients and management prefer. Ultimately we’re tasked with looking for supporting information to confirm our hypotheses about the industry landscape. During this webinar, we’re going to show you how to find and leverage social media resources that can impact your marketing efforts. Sponsored by COMPETE

  • Retailer’s Guide to Paid Search Campaign
    Paid search is a popular online channel to attract online buyers, but implementing an effective search strategy is more complex than you may think. Making sense of all of the search jargon, studies, tips and betas can be overwhelming. Check out our Retailer’s Guide to Paid Search Campaigns to learn six simple techniques that can boost your paid search results immediately. Sponsored by Channel Advisor

  • Going Mobile: Six Considerations Before You Start
    Are you working on a mobile website? Or maybe just thinking about it? Check out this report to ensure you deliver an easy-to-navigate, streamlined experienced to the ever-growing number of users who are browsing and buying with smartphones and tablets. If your organization’s site is not optimized for mobile, now’s the time to act! Sponsored by DotNetNuke

  • Top 5 Fixes to Achieve Double-Digit Growth
    As merchants increase sales online, they also uncover business issues that prevent them from providing the ideal customer experience and growing more revenue. While larger businesses can absorb these issues, smaller and medium sized businesses tend to suffer far greater losses. This special report exposes the top five business issues that are standing in your way and offers the solutions that will help you achieve double-digit growth. Sponsored by Dydacomp

  • Simplifying Sales Tax for E-commerce Merchants
    Let's face it, sales tax is complicated. This whitepaper explores the ever-changing landscape of sales tax rates, regions, and jurisdictions that affect multi-channel and e-commerce merchants. Download this whitepaper and learn how automating your sales and use tax compliance can save you time enabling you to focus on building your business. Sponsored by Avalara

  • E-Commerce Readiness: Is Your B2C Ready for the Buying Season?
    Holiday buying seasons can make or break an e-commerce site. This whitepaper from Lister E-Business pairs a real-world case study analysis with a web-based health check assessment application to give B2C sites the tools they need to assure e-commerce readiness during peak traffic surges. The result is a measurable health check on the “market ready” state of your e-commerce portal. Sponsored by Lister

  • Realizing Big Data in the Cloud
    With an effective infrastructure for support, companies of any size can turn a big data idea into real-world competitive advantage. However, choosing the wrong infrastructure strategy can lead to poor performance and unnecessarily high costs. Sponsored by GoGrid

  • Secrets to Closing the Sale Before the Customer Checks Out of Your Website
    These are difficult times, and marketers are struggling as never before to move goods and services. Adding to the difficulties of a stubborn economic recession and a slow, arduous recovery are the turbulent upheavals in previously tried-and-true marketing methods. The infallible rules of mass marketing have indeed proved fallible and have crumbled beneath our feet. You will learn more about interpreting customer behavior, which metrics prove to be most important and how to hold onto your most fickle customers. Sponsored by Bridgeline Digital

  • Forrester Research: Privacy Laws Force Rich Dialogue With Customers
    The report discusses the various legislations, including EU Cookie Directive, EU Data Protection Directive, and others. It outlines what marketers must do to comply with various regulations, and the positive impact of enriching interactions with customers via the new paradigms of consensual targeting. Sponsored by TRUSTe

  • Why You Should Outsource Your PPC Accounts to a Management Agency
    If you are currently spinning your wheels trying to manage PPC on your own, or if you’re just trying to understand what PPC is, you should consider working with a PPC management agency. With all the current factors going into pay-per-click advertising, the paid search industry is now an extremely competitive market. An agency can talk you through missed opportunities and free up valuable time! Download our free white paper to discover five reasons why you should outsource to a PPC management agency. Sponsored by Hanapin

  • Integrate Live Chat with Google Analytics
    Many website businesses rely on Goolge Analytics as an integral part of running their operation. It’s easy to see why with it near real-time reporting, intuitive interface, and integration with AdWords. Bring even more power to your Google Analytics implementation by integrating live chat engagements. You’ll be able to see what traffic sources and keywords are generating one-on-one connections through live chat. Sponsored by Bold Software

  • Just Released! Live Chat Effectiveness, 2012
    In partnership with the e-tailing group, the industry’s most complete research on the effectiveness of live chat technology is now available. Here’s just a couple of examples of what the report concludes: Live Chat has reached a tipping point of favorability and adoption. Sites without live chat are behind. Chat – done well – creates “fans” of the technology who shop more, buy more, and rely on chat as a primary communication method. Get it now. Sponsored by Bold Software

  • Web Analytics Business Executives Must Know
    The web is evolving--is your analytic strategy stuck in the past? Identify and gather the metrics executives care about to streamline business processes, boost sales and improve marketing channel ROI. Get to the heart of measurable business success with analytics that go beyond SEO and SEM clickstream numbers to clearly and accurately show revenue increase, brand awareness impact, lead generation and other valuable metrics. Learn how to identify web metrics that measure business impact, track what your web visitors value, and use web analytics to target strategic objectives. Sponsored by Sitecore

  • Choosing the Best Web Content Management Solution
    A good web CMS can mean the difference between a static underachieving website and a dynamic and flexible one that adapts to visitor needs, converts prospects into customers, and strengthens the brand. But how do you begin to choose among the sea of content management solutions available today? In the end, the best web CMS is the one that's right for a particular organization now and into the future. This guide provides an overview of the web CMS choices available today, discusses the requirements both IT and marketing/executive decision makers should consider when selecting a web CMS, and includes advice for ensuring a successful evaluation process. Sponsored by Sitecore

  • Identifying Anonymous Website Visitors
    Website visitors are the most likely prospects to purchase your products and services. Web analytics solutions can actually identify your website visitors – including where they came from and what they are looking for - and help you turn them into sales leads in real-time. This whitepaper will explain how it works. Sponsored by VisiStat



Additional Whitepapers from Our Sponsors:

  • 5 Ways to Immediately Engage Website Visitors
    Free Webinar: Driving traffic to your website is but half the battle. Once a visitor arrives on site, you’ll be 4 times more likely to convert them to customers if they engage with you. But how? In this webinar we’ll explore 5 simple, yet powerful ways to drive engagements, sales, and high satisfaction. In this a combination of live demonstrations, customer testimonials, and research data, you will learn how to start proactively inviting visitors, how to use the same chat resources to manage an often overlooked channel – email -- and more. You will see how a fully featured live chat solution can be deployed across your site in just minutes. Attend this webinar and walk away with 5 ways to engage more of your website visitors, so they are more confident buying and keep coming back. Sponsored by BOLDChat

  • Taking Your Website Mobile: A Practical Guide for Marketers and Business Execs
    Free Webinar: Mobile websites are more than just another informational channel. They also open up a new way to engage with your visitors, paving the way for both communication and connection. If you are considering making the jump to mobile sites, or are in the middle of the process and could use some expert advice, then this webinar is for you. Presented by Website Magazine and Digitaria, an international interactive agency and a leader in mobile website design and implementation, this webinar will provide real life examples of companies taking their sites mobile. See what their pain points were, their major successes, and whether the final result matched their business expectations. Attend this webinar and walk away with solid business justifications for taking your site mobile and a practical road map for successfully navigating the process! Sponsored by Sitecore

  • Special WM Research: Movers and Shakers
    In association with, Website Magazine has recently created several special reports on the movers and shakers of the Web. Discover key and emerging online destinations in verticals such as Politics, Job Search, Real Estate and E-commerce. These reports are valuable for those responsible for link building and are complimentary for Website Magazine readers.

    Download These Micro-Reports from Compete and Website Magazine Now:

    - E-Commerce: Ten Key Web Destinations for Bargain Hunters
    - Politics: Ten Key Web Destinations for the Politically Involved
    - Real Estate: Ten Emerging Home/Rental Destinations Online
    - Job Search: Ten Emerging Job Search Destinations Online


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