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What To Look For When Hiring A Developer for Your WordPress Site

Posted on 9.21.2016

By AJ Smith, Managed WordPress Product Manager
at Liquid Web

Do you need a developer for work on your WordPress site? Before you hire them, make sure to look out for these five traits. 

You’ve probably heard your fair share of client horror stories - and maybe you’ve even a few to share yourself. There’s no shortage of people who want something for nothing in the design industry, after all; and no shortage of men and women who don’t understand design work. Of course, there’s also no shortage of half-baked freelancers and agencies, as well. 

The same is true of WordPress development. And if your agency doesn’t employ an in-house developer, there’s a good chance that, sooner or later, you might have to hire one. That’s an intimidating process no matter how you swing it - which is why we’re going to talk a bit about how you can avoid hiring a dud.  

They Have An Existing Body of Work

Does your prospective developer have a portfolio of projects they’ve worked on in the past, or are they completely green to their field? While there’s nothing wrong with hiring a newbie, you always run the risk of being left high and dry by someone who doesn’t know how to do their job. It’s recommended, therefore, that you stick to hiring people who have a set of projects related to what you need done. 

They’re Good Communicators

The most important quality in any field is the ability to communicate. Are they easy to reach? Do they respond to your emails in a timely fashion, and provide you with regular status updates on their work? Do they strike you as someone who knows their way around in the initial interview stages? 

Quality References

A good reference goes a long way - which is why you should always contact previous employers when bringing on development talent. What do past clients have to say about your developer’s work ethic? The quality of the work they did? 

The Required Skillset

This one should go without saying, but...look at the project you need done, and stick to hiring developers who have the necessary expertise to complete it. You wouldn’t, for example, hire a theme developer to code a custom plugin, or a web developer to modify your site’s stylesheet. 

They Know What Questions to Ask

Last but certainly not least, pay attention to what your developer hopeful has to say during the initial stages of your communique. Do they discuss contractual matters? Do they ask for specifics on your proposed project, such as deadlines, necessary resources, milestones, and support? Or do they simply start braying about money? 

Closing Thoughts

Hiring a developer can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. Learn to recognize the signs that someone’s up to the task of working for you - and the red flags that they aren’t. Once you do that, finding a developer will be as easy as designing a site; it’ll be second nature. 

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