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WM's Most Popular Content of 2008

Posted on 12.18.2008

It's been an amazing year for Website Magazine. All of the standard key metrics we measure are way up (especially engagement) over last year and great things are being planned right now for 2009 which will take the already most popular print publication on Internet business to even higher levels of success. But as Web professionals start looking forward to 2009, it's always best to look back and see what influenced the conversation as a whole and review the important lessons we've learned.

Personality is Key to Social Media
As director of an advertising agency that manages social media campaigns, I was recently brainstorming recipes for social media success. Every formula I came up with included personality.

5 Effective Wiki Uses: Wikipedia came onto the scene in 2001 and quickly demonstrated how powerful and far-reaching collaborative content can be. Since then, wikis have proven to be valuable tools for many websites. Yet, few companies are using them to their full potential.

Google Suggests NOT Rewriting Dynamic URLs: Google has clarified (and confused some webmasters in the process) how it handles dynamic versus static URLs. Will you listen? You'll want to read more if you've spent time rewriting URLs to accommodate user-friendly structures over the years. Apparently, in the eyes of Google, it's not necessary.

Get Your Website Included in Google News: Krishna Bharat wanted information from multiple news sources in the aftermath of 9/11. So he created a program that crawled major news websites and displayed consolidated lists and descriptions. This was how Google News was created.

Round Corners in Photoshop: Using round corners on images seems to be the norm these days for designers. The sleek appearance is a sought-after effect by novices and experts alike, so let's look at how to create rounded corners in Photoshop.

25-Point Landing Page Optimization Review: There are hundreds of variables on landing pages that can be tested (and thousands when tested in tandem) and used to influence visitor conversion. With PPC prices rising and SEO competition increasing daily, developing compelling landing pages is perhaps the most important way to keep costs low and the return on your advertising spend at levels that will keep you in the black.

Your Site's Been Banned By Google...Or Has It?: So your website's being dropped by Google. Perhaps you had thousands of pages indexed, and you can see the number plummeting...or perhaps you're already totally out of the index: search for and Google responds with "Your search - - did not match any documents."

Android Will Kill the iPhone and Cripple AT&T - Eventually: T-Mobile and Google announced the Android-loaded, HTC-manufactured G1 phone this morning to an enthusiastic crowd, waiting to be awestruck. At first glance, the G1 looks to be on very even ground with the iPhone. But look a little deeper and the potential divide is colossal.

Effective Press Releases and Distribution Channels: It is widely believed that the first press release was issued over 100 years ago by Ivy Lee on behalf of the Pennsylvania Railroad, which had just suffered a tragic accident. The press release was issued to prevent alternate versions of the accident from being spread among the press.

SEO Tweets for 2009: Website Magazine asked several of the top Internet marketing and SEO experts what their focus would be for 2009.

Top 50 Domain Registrars - May 2008: There’s been a lot of movement in the world of domains over the past few months. Thirty-three million new domain names were registered in 2007 according to VeriSign’s March 2008 Domain Name Industry Brief. This brings the number of top-level domain names (TLDs: .com, .net and .org) to 153 million worldwide — a 27% increase over Q4 2007.

SEO Modules for Popular CMS Systems: Content Management Systems (CMS) play an important, yet low-visibility role in how well content can be ranked on search results pages. With as many CMS offerings as there are SEO best practices, understanding how SEO-friendly your CMS is (and what you can do if it is not) is imperative to your success.

Five Adobe Air Apps Designers Can't Live Without: You might have heard about Adobe Air but chances are you're not using it as a means to improve your producticity as a designer or developer. Let's look at a few Adobe Air applications to design better, faster and more organized websites.

Semantic Web - Understanding Web 3.0 and Preparing Your Business: The Semantic Web, or Web 3.0, is about meaning — understanding the context of a word or concept to offer relevant resources, thereby making it easier for people to find what they seek. In the example at left, my son was the user and I was the search engine, having trouble understanding the context of his query.

Big Rewards From Creating Authority Micro-Sites: The word "authority" is bandied about in SEO circles quite frequently, but what does it actually mean and can you achieve this lofty status with a micro-site? Being recognized as an authority can put you on top of the search engine results quickly. Increasingly, SEOs realize the value proposition they provide and are turning to a secondary presence to make it happen.

Keyword Crazy - Frequency, Density and Prominence: Words are the lifeblood of the Web - always have been, always will be. The keywords and phrases that we use to define our websites are an integral part of succeeding with our collective missions. To leverage these words and phrases to our benefit however, it is imperative to understand how to use them to our greatest benefit.

The Domain (and SEO) Industry Are Forever Changed: ICANN has formally accepted a proposal that will allow companies to purchase new top-level domain names (TLDs) ending in virtually any extension they choose. Readers, this is the biggest news in the domain name industry in a long, long time.

Anatomy of a Datacenter: As designers and developers, our scope of work and our field of view rarely go beyond our screen and the client’s website. Seldom do we think about our hosting, except from when installing a script or the server starts lagging. The mechanism that makes our jobs possible in the first place needs to be studied carefully, not only because our livelihoods depend on it, but also because… it is amazing in its design.

Twittering With Consumers: Within the past 12 months, Twitter has moved from a curious time-waster to a serious business tool. To some consumers, that's a problem - another user-oriented tool being invaded by business. To others, it's a way to connect to businesses like never before. And to businesses of all sizes, it's an opportunity that cannot be missed. And as more consumers join Twitter and the service gains visibility in the public eye, people will not only accept businesses, but expect to find and actively search for them (you) just like in the blogosphere.

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