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WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Content

Posted on 6.23.2016

By far the most-used content management system (CMS) on the planet, WordPress is easy to use for both rookie and experienced Web pros. For the latter, many have extended the functionality of their WordPress sites through plugins, allowing them to analyze and optimize the experience their visitors have.

Thanks to plugins, content creators, specifically, can improve the material they are publishing for better relevancy, engagement and visibility. The following are nine WordPress plugins that can get visitors clicking again and again. 

Get More Views by Automatically Tweeting

The most coveted type of readers are those who visit a website often and without any reminders. While they are of high value to an organization, most visitors will need encouragement to visit. Twitter can provide a source of traffic when used frequently. WP to Twitter is a plugin that will automatically send a tweet with a chosen link shortener service (allowing marketers to further track the post's performance) when a WordPress site has been updated. While templated tweets may not be the most interesting, with the right topics content creators can increase their following and the amount of recurring traffic to their site. 

Write More by Concentrating 

Good content isn't going to write itself (although there are some plugins claiming to do so), but our days are filled with distractions (e.g., our phones, our coworkers, our social networks, our emails). One way to improve content and to write more of it is to simply concentrate, but that can prove to be a difficult task. Just Writing is a plugin that adds buttons and features to the "Distraction Free Writing Mode" within WordPress for "all kinds of extra functions," such as spellcheck and some basic formatting commands.

Be Timely by Planning

Editorial calendars are a content creator's friend because by doing a little (or a lot) of planning once a year, quarterly or monthly, they are setting themselves up for a continuous flow of ideas. By understanding events or holidays that are coming up, editorial coverage can be more timely, which could improve traffic and social shares. For example, a retail software provider could plan to do a yearly Christmas in July series to prepare its customers for the looming holiday season and how to get their shops in order before the big sales period. CoSchedule is an editorial calendar for both content and social posts; when the two are planned together, it provides the reader a more cohesive experience as they could click on a social post only to find coverage around the topic that interests them or follow a hashtag that includes plenty of posts around a certain subject that they can visit the site to find more about. 

Tweak Strategy Based On Analytics

It's not uncommon for writers to have big egos, but those have to be checked at the door when it comes to truly understanding what readers want to read as some topics simply don't resonate with an audience regardless of how well written. The Filament WordPress plugin mines blog data to uncover the most engaging content and shows where to promote it. For example, if an article on "How to Compete with Amazon" is generating the most traffic, has the most social shares, shows a high scroll depth (how far users scroll down the page) and provides the lowest bounce rate, content creators should consider building out that piece to include more specifics about the tactics mentioned within it or repurpose the information into an infographic, video, presentation, webinar and/or Q&A. Using Filament, marketers can also see who their top social supporters are (perhaps send them a "thank you" tweet to encourage further participation) and even get tips for how to generate more social shares. 

Create Lists for Skimmers

Investing time into a piece of content - or even filling out a form to access that content - is something not everyone is willing to do, but "lists" appeal to most of us in that they are easy to consume because they are organized and get straight to the point. Listly enables site owners to lay out their content in galleries, lists, slideshows and magazines. 

Expand Coverage by Curating

Regardless of organizational size, most companies struggle to keep up with content demands. Curating content is a way to give readers more content. Quality doesn't need to be sacrificed when a plugin like MyCurator is used, which uses manually set filters to understand and learn which content is relevant to a site - weeding out spammy articles. 

Encourage Engagement with Quizzes

Most people love a good quiz, but this content type doesn't need to be regulated to just "What Game of Thrones Character Are You?" They can have real value to businesses in all industries, such as being able to use the self-reported information to inform new content ideas and to better engage an audience. The Easy Quiz Player plugin not only empowers site owners to create interactive quizzes, but also end-users to share their results on social media networks (improving visibility for the site). 

Optimize Content for Search

One of the top reasons to blog is, of course, the benefits that it has to search rankings. Fresh, high-quality content provides the search engines with information about your site - like what it offers, who it's intended for and more - and enables them to connect queries to your content if the site continuously proves its relevancy and authority. That is not always enough, however, which is why using one of the top WordPress Plugins, Yoast, is a good idea because it thinks of technical aspects that content writers may not, such as metatags, alt tags for images, etc. What's more, Yoast forces writers to pick a keyword and use it throughout the post (in an organic, contextual way). Additionally, the Yoast plugin has a preview option that allows content creators to preview and adjust how a post will look in the search results, like whether a title is too long or too short or if the descriptions make sense in the context of a search result. "This way the plugin will help you not only increase rankings, but also increase the click through for organic search results."

Suggest Additional Articles for Higher Time on Site

Savvy marketers keep visitors on their sites longer by suggesting other content related to what they just engaged with. While there is a place for "related articles" plugins that take users off a site (think advertising dollars), to improve time on site, writers will want to use a plugin that allows on-site content to be suggested to readers, like Contextual Related Posts

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