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Create Fonts with CSS

When cascading style sheets really began to emerge in the mid 1990s, few knew at the time the change in digital design that would result; change, in many ways, that continues to this very day. Request Website Magazine's Free Weekly...

Your Very Best FontFriend [TYPOGRAPHY TOOLS]

As the need for digital speed reaches fever pitch, designers are forgoing images and taking greater advantage of the possibilities that fonts bring to the visual styling of pages. With that renewed attention, digital/Web designers...

Font Watch: Adobe's New Source Serif

Adobe recently released it's third open-source typeface last month and typography nerds are pretty excited. The new Source Serif font was designed as the serif counterpart to Adobe's popular Source Sans family. Source Serif...

Font Compatibility Table; No Digital Love for Comic Sans?

What fonts work on what mobile devices? That's the question top of mind with developers and designers these days, as the user experience on smartphones varies greatly on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. So what fonts...

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The Wonder of TypeWonder (FONTS)

Did you ever wonder what another font would look like on your website, but didn't want to go through all the rigmarole associated with downloading and uploading, changing code and all the like? If so, you're in luck thanks...

Font Inspector in Firefox DevTools

The role that typography plays in the success of a Web design (and of course to the user experience) is indisputable – if I never, ever see Comic Sans again it will be too soon. Website Magazine has covered a few different tools...

Fount: Find Fonts You Love

What happens when you come across a font online you’d like to use within your website? Look in the source code? That’s so… archaic. Don't worry, there’s a better way! Web designers (perhaps even those that...

Source Sans Pro – Adobe Open Source Type

Adobe has released a new (and free) open source type family by the name of Source Sans Pro . The Source Sans Pro font, the first ‘open’ font from Adobe, includes six weights (from ExtraLight to Black) in upright and italic...


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