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The Importance of SMB Branding

A recent study from 99designs is shedding light on the importance of branding initiatives for small businesses (SMBs) just starting out. According to the “SMB Branding Perceptions” survey, 6 in 10 SMBs say a company’s...

Decorate Your Logo

The holiday season is almost over, but if you still want to add a little spirit to your site, consider decorating your logo. 99designs offers a feature called Swiftly , which is a service for small and quick graphic design tasks. With...

Need a Designer Swiftly?

In-house designers are a luxury not afforded to all. Even companies with full design teams can find themselves without help, because designers are either tied up with big projects or working for different departments. Online graphic...

3 Must-See Menu Design Styles

Ever walk in a mall and not know whether to look left, right, up or down for the store, theater or restaurant you want? There’s a certain amount of anxiety in that experience and trying to locate a directory can add to the frustration...

Squash Bugs with GitHub Survivor

Developers have a lot on their minds, which makes it easy for them to occasionally forget about bugs. Development teams, however, can prevent bugs from becoming an issue with GitHub Survivor , which is essentially a dashboard that...

99Designs Disrupts the Design Service Business

Design contest platform 99designs is not exactly the darling of the Web design world. Many believe that the company actually does more harm than good to designers and to the design industry itself. Whether you love it or hate it, you...

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Gap Logo Fail Sparks 99Designs Contest

99designs launched an open design contest to “Design a Better GAP Logo” in response to the criticism designers and GAP customers around the world expressed when the GAP recently unveiled its own logo redesign. The project...

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