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Evolving the Publishing Industry

Traditional publishing models are gone. That means content creators have more options, more control, and more power than ever before. In the world of traditional publishing you either evolve or devolve and some companies see the opportunities...

MSN and Yahoo's Perfect Content Storm

Yahoo and MSN are on a mission to produce un-fathomable amounts of content on the Web. Yahoo's acquisition of Associated Content -- since rebranded as Yahoo Contributor Network -- relies on thousands of freelancers (just about...

Designing to be The Best

Web users have options -- thousands of them. It's one of the reasons the Web is so useful but also one of the great challenges of Web business. How do you make sure your site is the one that stands out amid the rest and that users...

Flipboard Shows Us the Future of Content

A new iPad app was released this week that might indicate a seismic, revolutionary shift in how users perceive and consume content, as well as offer a true silver bullet for a troubled media industry scrambling for ways to generate...

3 Solid SEO Tips

SEO boils down to three things: good content, links, and site design. So in today’s newsletter I’d like to give a few pointers on each of these topics. Good Content . Once upon a time key phrases could be placed into the...

Promotional Content Formats: Beyond The eBook

In between creating a product/launching a service and promoting it online comes the actual process of developing content. Since your audience most likely comes in all manner of expertise/skill levels and technical savvy, so should...

Beating the Blogging Blues

It happens to all bloggers at some point ... writer's block. Whether you can't find a good topic to write about or are just having trouble getting motivated, sometimes you need a little extra push to get going. Like any skill...

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Keep Your Copy Sharp

You hear it all the time: Content is King. And if you're a Website Magazine reader you've heard it here too. But you can have pages and pages of content that ends up harming your reputation if you're not careful. Misspellings...

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If you're struggling to come up with ideas to write about for your weblog or are simply interested in building out your website with some additional content, you might want to take a look at , a website where professional...

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