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One Step Closer to Digital Nirvana

When you can make two channels work together, you're one step closer to digital nirvana. Social marketing SaaS solution Offerpop is now offering an integration between its social marketing platform and Experian Marketing Service...

Email Volume Up 11%; What About Open Rates?

The overall volume of email increased over 11 percent in the first quarter of 2013 (year-over-year from Q1 2012) according to a new benchmarking report released from Experian Marketing Services. According to Experian, multichannel...

Revenue Per Email Increases 30 Percent

Digital enterprises aren't just sending more email, they are generating more revenue from it according to Experian Marketing Services' latest email benchmark report. Experian found that revenue per email increase 8 percent...

Retail Pinterest Interest & Email

Retailers are flat-out fascinated by the promise of Pinterest and tech companies are frantically rushing to push out functionality within their software systems to meet the incredible demand. Email service provider CheetahMail for...

Website Magazine Hot Tip: Send a Welcome E-mail

These days, consumers are bombarded with requests to sign up for e-mail newsletters; handing over their e-mail addresses and risking future annoyances. Want to test out our new product? Enter your e-mail address. Want to leave a comment...

Holiday Marketer Report Calls for Merchant Mobilization

The 2010 Holiday Marketer Report has been released by Experian, which is predicting mobile and social platforms to have their biggest impact yet on holiday sales. Experian also forecasts a modest growth of between 1 and 2 percent in...

Experian Launches Business Info Widget

Information services company Experian (yes, that Experian) announced the launch of a widget that includes business information from the company's BizSource database. Designed for directory and local search websites, the embeddable...

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