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Facebook Simplifies Forms for Lead Ads

Marketers love forms but consumers hate filling them out. To remedy this problem, Facebook is testing a new feature called “lead ads” that makes it easier for people to fill out forms on mobile devices. Lead ads automatically...

Creating Optimized Forms for Lead Generation

Creating just the right form to quickly and easily convert your leads is equal parts art and science, as you have to make sure you give them something that will provide you with the information you need for your business, without forcing...

Guiding Users to Form Conversions with Progression.js

When it comes to the final stages of lead generation, sometimes all your current prospects need is a little support and guidance on the forms that officially convert them to customers. Forms can be quite cumbersome for users, so designers...

Mobile-Optimized Sign-Up Forms Come to Constant Contact

Creating mobile-optimized sign-up forms just got a whole lot easier. A new integration from Torsion Mobile has made its way to the Constant Contact Marketplace . The Mojaba integration enables users to create mobile-formatted mailing...

Optimize Web Forms for Mobile Devices

Creating a form that engages consumers can be a difficult task – especially when it comes to optimizing those forms for mobile devices. However, a new integration between mobile website service provider Mojaba and web application...

8 Ways to Improve Your Site Over the Weekend

Everybody may be working for the weekend, but if you run a website, you already know that you’re almost always working on the weekend, as well. In fact, most of the work of the everyday Web professional has to do with tweaking...

The Email Signup Showdown

Visitor traffic may be the most important data regarding a website's success. After all, a business can't sell products or offer services when no one is there to view them. One of the best vehicles for driving traffic is email...

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Wufoo Gets JavaScript Embeds

Online form management service Wufoo has released a round of new features and updates, including a JavaScript Embed Snippet and field charts in addition to some much needed redesigned forms and report managers. The addition of the...


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