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Schema Markup Crash Course 2013

Microdata remains quite the mystery for most enterprises interested in search engine optimization. The many well-documented benefits aside, the problem may be not in their lack of understanding, but in their inability to actually implement...

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GOOD RELATIONS: Microdata for Online Retailers

With no shortage of retailers on the Web today, merchants are finding it difficult to market their products in the natural listings of search engines, such as Bing and Google. And in the hopes of getting their products to stand out...

Spice Up Holiday SEO with Product Microdata

Google can be stingy with new information about its search algorithm, which makes the company's sharing of some recent changes all the more important for Web professionals. Likely the biggest difference in the algorithm is that...

New Microdata Plugin for WordPress

The introduction of Microdata has provided a big boost for those search marketers that have managed the implimentation. Fortunately for WordPress users, the often complicated process just became easier with the release of the MicroData...

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Structured Data

Familiarizing one’s self with the modern markup languages, semantic structures and schemas available today can yield a more engaging, easier to manage Web property. Let’s get to know markup in this edition of Website Magazine’s...

Google's Author Tag – Conduits to Richer Writer Profiles

This week Google announced support for “authorship markup” which will help the search engine connect its users with authors through the content those authors publish on the web. Google will ultimately use the data to help...

Microdata Wins - Brings Richer Web

Google, Bing and Yahoo jointly announced a new initiative today at to create and support a common vocabulary for structured data markup on web pages in Microdata. For many years search engines have worked independently of...

Google Goes International with Rich Snippets

Google announced the international availability of rich snippets on the Webmaster Central Blog this week. For those unfamiliar with rich snippets, they enable you to include additional data form your site in search results. That got...


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