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How to Growth Hack

:: By Edward Lakatis, Zapporoo :: You have a great concept for a product or service, but you don’t have the money to get your product to market. What do you do to bridge the gap until your product is selling and your company...

Does Reddit Outperform Facebook in News Consumption?

Which social network performs best when it comes to news consumption? It depends on how you look at it. According to a new Pew Research study , 62 percent of Reddit users get news from the site, while the same is true for 52 percent...

SEO: The International Language of Success

If there's one characteristic that all cultures share it's the quest for information. So, it should come as no surprise that the most heavily trafficked websites across the world are search engines. Whether your business is...

Abandon Digg Day Update

Digg users apparently deserted the site in droves for Reddit yesterday according to data from Web analytics company StatCounter. The firm’s research arm StatCounter Global Stats conducted a special analysis of Digg versus Reddit...

Quick Response: Reddit Rolls Out Faster Search

Responding to user complaints about its search accuracy and speed, social news aggregator Reddit has launched a new search engine. The company outsourced the project to a search business called Flaptor — which counts blogging...

The State of Content Submission Sites

Content submission sites can garner a fair amount of traffic for a website. So it's good to know where your content stands the best chance of reaching the widest audience. has returned new traffic results for March...

reddit Opens Up, Allows Full Customization

While larger voting sites such as Digg and recently-released Yahoo Buzz keep their properties closely guarded, Reddit is taking the exact opposite approach, hoping to capitalize on its 300 percent growth since May. Taking dead aim...

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