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5 Top Project Management Systems for 2015

Anyone who has run a Web-based business knows the importance of organization and communication when it comes to getting a new project off the ground. Fortunately, many software solutions exist that can help brands keep track of the...

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5 Examples of Responsive Design in Online Retail

Mobile devices are driving holiday sales this year, with IBM data revealing that online traffic from mobile outpaced PCs on Thanksgiving Day for the very first time. To cash in on some of this traffic, it is important for retailers...

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5 Tips to Spark Ideas for Your 2015 Content Calendar

As 2014 draws to a close, many professionals are scrambling to put the finishing touches on their 2015 marketing plans – and content is one marketing channel that should not be overlooked. That said, it can be difficult to plan...

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Three Business Intelligence Solutions for E-commerce Retailers

There are many advantages that the Internet offers to merchants today, but few are more beneficial than the data it provides. The challenge, however, is that the modern e-commerce storefront has a plethora of touch points for consumers...

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Inside the RTB Ecosystem with Pixalate's Global Seller Trust Index

Programmatic advertising is one of those tactics that is shaping the 'Net as Web professionals know it, making it important for brands to know who the key players are and how they compare. In the age of real-time bidding, that's...

5 Noteworthy Design Trends of 2014

The Web design industry is in a constant state of change, with new trends and techniques emerging every year. In 2014, for example, the design industry saw a variety of digital developments, from an increased focus on responsive design...

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5 Web Design Feedback Mistakes to Avoid

Providing effective – and meaningful - Web design feedback can sometimes be a difficult process. Critiquing a designer’s work is not always fun, but it’s necessary when collaborating on a project. It’s important...

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Amazon Sellers Can Now Negotiate With Buyers

Amazon dropped a bombshell on the Internet this morning, announcing the ability for customers to negotiate a lower price on the items they are considering purchasing. The new "Make an Offer" can be enabled by Sellers that...

Why Going Global Really Means Going Local

The hype around globalization is well deserved – it has never been easier for organizations of all sizes to have a worldwide presence. In fact, the mere launching of a website effectively makes an organization global. There is...

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Mind-Blowing Digital Solutions (Week 49, 2014)

Welcome to another edition of Website Magazine's Web Tech Watch series, a Friday special profiling some of the most interesting and inspiring Web-related technologies, tools, products, and services our editors have come across...

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Conversion Rate Optimization & the Role of Data Science in the Modern Enterprise

Just a decade ago, conversion rate optimization (CRO) was the playground for early adopters who demonstrated that website traffic means nothing if visitors do not convert into customers. Today, CRO has become an important staple for...

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Responsive Vs. Adaptive Web Design

When designing and building a website today, it’s essential for enterprises to think about how users will access their website - will it be from desktops, smartphones, tablets (or all three)? What’s not as clear to many...

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Achieve Superstardom on LinkedIn

In pop culture, there are some stars that have staying power and some that clearly do not. The same can be said of social networks. Although we will not know how the Web’s most popular social networks will ultimately fare for...

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5 Mobile Website Issues Marketers Need to Watch

:: By Daniel Weisbeck, Netbiscuits :: Despite the effort and investment that has been made in improving mobile websites, they are still falling far short of visitor expectations. According to internal research, the top issue for people...

Super Easy-to-Follow Tips for Better Local SEO

:: By Travis Bliffen, Stellar SEO :: Even for businesses whose service area is limited to a small geographic region, search engine optimization is still an effective method of driving targeted traffic to their websites. In fact, there...


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