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Facebook Puts Its Users in Control

Facebook is trying once again to improve the News Feed experience for its users. This time, however, the social network is putting its members in control. With the update, users can select which friends and Pages they would like to...

Beware of Facebook News Feed Algorithm Updates

Google isn’t the only tech company making big updates this week, as Facebook took to the ’Net yesterday to announce updates to its News Feed algorithm. There are three main News Feed updates according to the social network’s...

Facebook Cleans Up the News Feed Once Again

Facebook is once again cleaning up its News Feed, and this time the social network is taking aim at hoaxes and misleading news stories. According to an announcement from Facebook, the social network is updating its News Feed to reduce...

Facebook News Feed Updates

Facebook is taking steps to improve the News Feed once again, and this time the social network is taking aim at “click-bating” headlines and shedding light on sharing links in posts. For starters, Facebook defines click...

Facebook Cleans Up the News Feed

The world’s largest social network is finally fighting against spam. In a recent announcement , Facebook notes that a series of improvements to its News Feed will reduce the type of content that people often report as “spammy...

Facebook Updates News Feed Ranking

Facebook has announced a new update to its news feed that will impact Pages’ ability to reach their fans with text-based status updates. According to the social network’s announcement , testing found that Facebook users...

Facebook's News Feed Gets Personal

For the first time since 2006, more or less, Facebook has finally made some massive changes to its news feed, giving it a new look and enhanced functionality to act more like a “personalized newspaper.” Perhaps the biggest...


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