The Next Great Web Startup

The next edition of Website Magazine will provide a guide to success for Web startups. Valuable insights on essential pre-launch, launch and post-launch tactics will be addressed and we'll even feature some successful Web startups along the way - that's where you come in. 

Website Magazine's December 2010 edition, distributed in November, will delve into the challenges and opportunities in starting a Web-based business. A feature article of that nature, however, would not be complete without some real-world examples. If you are interested in having your startup profiled and willing to share your struggles and successes with other Are you the next great Web startup? Let us know. To make this work, we could really use your help. Please share this with your friends, colleagues (and if you're really daring even your competitors) on Twitter, Facebook or your preferred social network.

In advance of the article, we took a virtual spin around the Web today and are profiling some interesting companies which might just accelerate your Web success. While not all of those listed below are startups, they all provide a service or resource that could be immensely valuable for startups.