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Web 360 Book Series

Web 360 Book Series Listing

  • SEO 360 Book

    NEW: The Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization

    There has long been a certain mystique around the practice of search engine optimization (SEO) and its many related processes, practices, techniques and technologies ever since the term first entered into the business lexicon nearly two decades ago. SEO 360 from Website Magazine Editor-In-Chief Peter Prestipino provides timeless guidance to help today's enterprises achieve competitive placement at popular search engines by optimizing content, connections, and the continuity of the digital experience.
  • Domains 360 Book Cover

    The Fundamentals of Buying & Selling Domain Names

    Domains 360 provides a road map for success, offering not just an explanation of why domain names are so important to the digital ecosystem or how anyone can profit from an investment in them, but also incredibly practical guidance on how to choose them and powerful insights on ways in which you can make the most of domain name assets while they are under your control. The domain name space is an exciting one – full of potential and opportunity, and Domains 360 provides the insights necessary to accelerate success when it comes to buying and selling domain names for profit.

    Website Magazine's Domains 360 is also offered in digital format, available at Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.
  • 360book1

    The Fundamentals of Web Success

    The road to Web success is built on experience — often costly and time-consuming practical experience. But there finally exists a guide that will lead you every step of the way, making the journey more meaningful, more enjoyable and, ultimately, more profitable. Web 360 is the first book to examine every discipline required for building and sustaining online success, making it the most valuable resource available for novices and experts alike.
  • Fundamentals of Performance Marketing Book Cover Image

    The Fundamentals of Performance Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is something that seems from a distance so very accessible - buy a domain name and website, put up some affiliate offers, and wait on the check to arrive. The reality is far more complicated. Website Magazine's Affiliate 360 book addresses the fundamentals of performance-based marketing and provides access to proven strategies, and the most powerful tools and reliable techniques available today.
Image of Peter Prestipino author of the Web 360 Book Series

About the Author

Peter Prestipino is the Editor-In-Chief of Website Magazine, a print and online trade publication founded in 2005 for Internet business professionals. Prestipino is a long-time Internet marketer with over twelve years of experience, a regular speaker on Web technology and entrepreneurship, and is a respected writer and expert on a variety of Web-related topics including the development, deployment and promotion of Internet properties.