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Technical Brief: Improve Performance and Reliability with Supplemental DNS

Feb 14, 2017, 11:36 AM
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Sponsor : Dyn
I/O leaders understand that DNS speed and reliability are fundamental to the performance of your website and essential to your business. But the DNS game has changed. To remain competitive your DNS solution must have a global infrastructure and deep network operations expertise to ensure your success and provide a solid foundation for your digital business. Discover how you can use the DNS layer to take the performance, security and reliability of your IT environment to the next level. Download this Technical Brief on Secondary/Multi DNS patterns and learn:

- How multi DNS configurations change the performance game
- The advantages and limitations of Primary-Secondary, Hidden Master and Primary-Primary configurations
- The best use cases for implementing a supplemental or secondary DNS service
Supplemental DNS WP_Multi-DNS_Patterns_Multi-DNS_Service_Implementation


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