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The State of Web Accessibility

The State of Web Accessibility

In 2017, web accessibility will be a major digital priority as legislation demanding compliance of all brands is scheduled for 2018. The legal, social and commercial imperatives to make your digital properties accessible are becoming clearer and have drawn more attention. Organizations that don't act soon could suffer costly and brand-damaging consequences.  

In this whitepaper:
•    Gain first-hand insight on how the lack of accessibility impacts millions of people
•    Legal requirements and guidelines in the US, UK and Europe
•    Necessary steps to achieve accessibility compliance quickly and effectively.

This whitepaper is based on in-depth interviews with accessibility experts that speak from different, yet equally valuable, points of views; including the founder of My Blind Spot, Albert Rizzi, the Special Advisor to Usablenet’s CEO, Jason Taylor and ADA Attorney, Richard Hunt.

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