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Time Is Money: The Business Value Of Web Performance (O'Reilly)


Drawing upon her many years of web performance research, author Tammy Everts uses case studies and other data to explain how web page speed and availability affect a host of business metrics.

This ebook's case studies demonstrate how Walmart,, Mozilla, and other organizations significantly improved conversion rates through simple upgrades. Find out why happy customers return, while frustrated users can send your metrics-and your domain-into a tailspin. 

This ebook will cover:

  • What happens neurologically when users encounter slow or interrupted processes
  • How page speed affects metrics in retail and other industries, from media sites to SaaS providers
  • Why internal applications are often slower than consumer apps, and how this hurts employee morale and productivity
  • Common performance problems and the various technologies created to fight them
  • How to pioneer new metrics, and create an organizational culture of performance
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