Top Search & Ad News of 2017 at Website Magazine

New Year's Day is almost here, and it's a good time to reflect on what worked and what didn't in 2017.

Website Magazine reviewed our internal data to highlight the top 10 posts from many of the topics we cover to help you improve your Web success. Here are the most-read search and advertising news of 2017 at Website Magazine:

1. Read, "Advertisers Peeved with Google's Removal of Function Words in Exact Match

2. Read, "Ecommerce is Disrupting Advertising"

3. Read, "
Passing the AdWords Certification Exam"

4. Read, "Why Won't Google+ Die?"

5. Read, "100 Directories to Increase Local Visibility"

6. Read, "Google Reiterates: No More Pop-Unders"

7. Read, "The Current Google SEO Ranking Factors"

8. Read, "Can Ugly Websites Rank with Better SEO?"

9. Read, "10 SEO Tips for Website Redesigns"

10. Read, "Google Posts is a Small Biz Game Changer"
Why Won't Google+ Die?   
Why Won't Google+ Die?   
Why Won't Google+ Die?