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As online video becomes more prevalent on the Web - on individual websites, social media sites and, perhaps most important, search results - website owners need to know that video is not just a shoot-it-and-upload-it solution. This is content and it needs to be optimized.

Have a look at YouTube's Keyword Tool. It's pretty simple - just add your keyword or phrase into the box and click "Get keyword ideas." You will get a list of related keywords and their monthly search volume on YouTube. This is significant, in that these keyword suggestions will differ than those from a standard search. On YouTube, the content is different, so people search using different terms. These are the keywords you will want to target and use in your video titles, descriptions and tags. Like Google's External Keyword Tool, you can select between Broad Match, Phrase, Exact and Negative.

Another interesting feature of this tool is the ability to search for keywords and phrases by using an individual video's URL. Just copy the URL of the video in question, paste it in the box and you will see a list of keywords and phrases related to that video. This is a nice option to use when optimizing video to make sure your video in the same space as competing videos.

Also, demographic keyword targeting is available. You can select to target males of females within certain age groups and regions, and even according to their interests.

Video is becoming a major part of every Web property's marketing mix. As such, this content should be optimized like any other. Take advantage of this tool, straight from the largest repository of online video in the world.

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LisaW 10-08-2010 4:07 PM

Not as good at the synonym process as the Google keyword tool, but yes, since users are looking for other keywords, it's helpful to know how to market your video. Thanks!

Addiction Treatment Provider 10-08-2010 5:13 PM

We create & post a lot of informative online videos within the addiction treatment industry (extremely competitive) and through much research, as well as trial & error, have gotten them to come up quite well on organic search results without requiring the viewer to click on the "videos" link.  Here's another good resource for tags:

Also keep in mind the 60/160 rule for titles & descriptions.

Thanks for the post!

Atlanta Real Estate 10-09-2010 11:38 AM

Our company also puts up a lot of videos. I try to tag them accordingly but was not aware that things like demographic KW targeting, etc., had evolved on YouTube.


MoreYoutubeViews 10-16-2010 2:33 PM

The keyword tool is a must use item if you do your advertising with video.

Security Camera Systems 03-01-2012 4:44 PM

When we were putting our video on youtube we used their keyword tool a little bit but found you get a lot more robust keyword research done if you use the adwords keyword tool.

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