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A business typically uses a white label software solution to offer its customers a service (or services) it may not have the internal resources to provide on its own. These solutions allow the company to provide additional functionality or resources while using its own unique branding, rather than the name and logo of the company that developed the software.

For Internet marketers and SEO professionals, using white label software can free them up to shift their focus toward other important business aspects. In other words, this software does the vast majority of the SEO work. Thus, these solutions level the playing field for marketers, because despite how much experience they may or may not have with professional search engine optimization, they'll be able to find a solution that will fit their needs. And since this software is white label, it ensures that the results appear, to the marketer's clients, to be coming from an in-house team.

So, if you’re in the market for while label SEO software, check out the following round-up of some of the best solutions available today.

Raven Tools
Technically, Raven Tools is a “marketing platform” that offers a variety of white label SEO tools. These include SEO management, research and keyword targeting, competitor analysis and the ability to research, organize and monitor link-building efforts with ease.

The private label SEO software from 6Qube was designed specifically for companies using platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or manual development to offer their marketing services. It comes with source code-level white labeling capabilities, call tracking and recording, lead tracking and management and detailed analytics reporting.

SEO pros can use SheerSEO to track their rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing, track the Google PageRank of multiple pages over time, estimate potential traffic, use Google Analytics, check keyword density on select Web pages, submit sites to multiple Web directories and much more. The solution will even gather a list of a site’s main referring links, including page URL, page rank and link text.

WebCEO's white label SEO software comes with a full suite of SEO tools, including a rank checker, backlink checker, website auditor and an online keyword tool, in addition to a number of DIY features for keyword research, SEO and link building.

My SEO Tool
There’s no confusion in the name of this 100 percent white label SEO client management platform, which comes complete with SEO ranking, Google Analytics integration, social media tools and AdWords API integration. It also offers the ability to work with 10 to an unlimited number of websites (based on the package you select), 500-5000 keywords and 10,000-300,000 monitored backlinks.

BrightLocal enables its white label partners to create a profile, add their logos, colors and unique text to their SEO solution, and customize all of their SEO reports. This means they can take advantage of BrightLocal’s suite of local SEO tools that help companies audit and track their search engine ranking performance, utilize the Google+ Local Wizard tool and stay tuned into the needs and concerns of their clients’ customers with the ReviewBiz feature.

Agency Platform
Professional marketers can take advantage of Agency Platform’s white label SEO solutions, which include SEO, SEO reseller, local SEO and PPC services, which offer a user dashboard, SEO KPI reports, SEO and PPC audits, reputation monitoring, social media management, weekly SEO alerts and the ability to manage unlimited accounts.

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KirkM 02-19-2013 4:38 PM


Thanks for this list, it was very helpful!

Web Design Quote 02-20-2013 7:55 AM

SEO tools are good for some aspects of SEO but it will never replace a talented SEO specialist.

DennisH 02-20-2013 6:14 PM

Please also check out AnalyticsSEO  We've got a great white label solution!  Headquartered in the UK, but growing really fast in the US.  Not a replacement for a talented SEO, but makes everything SEO related much more efficient and effective.  

JamieM 02-21-2013 3:51 PM

Please consider http://seogroup.com/ when you update this list.  While I think we can all agree that no tool is capable of replacing a talented SEO specialist, SEO Group does a great job of reaching out to the best in the business, as you can see on the homepage, and incorporating their advice and their internal teams experience while constantly updating and improving the tool.

Marvin w/ seogroup.com 02-21-2013 4:11 PM

Thanks for the shot out Jamie.!!!!

Glad you like our white-label seo audit tool.

Just to clarify, website owners and digital marketers can use seogroup.com to instantly generate free or white-label SEO audits of any web page or website on the web.

Great article Michael. Glad I found it :)

RoyB 02-28-2013 6:12 AM

since the issue is white label, it seems worth to mention that SheerSEO allows you to create login with your own domain (sub.yourDomain.com)

it's a great feature for agencies

WebCEOWhiteLabelSEO 03-25-2013 5:36 AM

It is important for buyers to know the distinction between an SEO tool allowing private branding for its customers, for instance showing custom logos on reports, and real white label which will allow the partners of an SEO tool maker to offer their customers and coworkers the ability to logon to what appears to be their own in-house SEO tools.

We have both but we only refer to the latter as "white label". So for instance, our $99 per month Pro Plan users can click My Account/White Label Domain and set up a sub-domain like seo.mysite.com and CNAME that to online.webceo.com and then they can authorize certain people (coworkers or customers) to logon for a free account on that sub-domain, which would mean that their coworkers and customers would never have to know webceo.com exists.

Ironically, what spurred on our white label program was not so much that SEO agencies want their customers to be able to logon to help with their own projects (many do very much want this) but that the agencies want their employees to assume that their SEO tools were developed in-house. They don't want to have to train someone on Web CEO Online and watch that person go off to set up their own agency using us. ;-)

Aside from allowing others to logon to work on projects from your own domain, the term "white label" can also mean you can setup a read-only reports domain such as seo-reports.yoursite.com where coworkers and customers can logon to see their own SEO reports.

With us this is possible and these sub-domains are indexed by the search engines so you can choose one that will rank well if you give it quality backlnks, such as from your social media platforms.

JeanD 06-24-2013 2:16 PM

You foget woorank.com

seo consulting 08-23-2013 7:44 AM

Nice list have tried virtually half of the seo tools here, but have find out that most tend to give little information and base on the bait of getting web visitors to login for more.

In respect to this I have found wooranking a good tool, ahrefs also a good one, I feel it is as good as majestico.

I will like to ask thou, in all this so called tools which is better really? because most of them don't bring out same report, eg SEMRush report differs from Alexa's records including other tools like SEOMOZ explorer...this raise qusetions on which is actually right, some bring old report not current data.

cleaning services chicago 08-31-2013 4:14 PM

SEO tools are good for some aspects of SEO but it will never replace a talented SEO specialist. it's a great feature for agencies.

Michel Leconte 04-17-2014 4:24 AM

Please consider http://www.seosamba.com and http://www.seotoaster.com when you update this list. While the tools you have listed are useful to score and benchmark, we took a different approach with SeoSamba, executing directly SEO within websites powered by the open source eCommerce CMS SeoToaster. SeoSamba and SeoToaster are offered as whitelabel, and can be served on agency's own domain.

TarunR 01-30-2015 4:55 AM

Nice tools list by you. Tools would never be able to diminish the working of seo specialist with google getting smarter each day. I used seo reseller services from www.nettechnocrats.com/seo-reseller-services. They offer quality services and helped me increase my potential customers.  I am not neglecting tools usage for seo however suitable SEo reseller plans can help you in a long way.

Fixing NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM Errors 08-20-2015 6:32 PM

Real interest, I guess more so than ever, because of all the changes that has gone into the search engines these last couple of years, much to most peoples displeasure.

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