In Digital Marketing, Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Whoever said "ignorance is bliss" was probably not a digital marketer. 

More and better information means improved decisions and choices - why would anyone want it any other way? 

Data automation solution OpenRise issued its 2017 B2B Data Market Industry Report and researchers found that marketers actually have higher satisfaction when they work with multiple third-party data providers.

Marketers who have tried four or more data providers, in fact, tend to be happier, with 80% of those respondents indicating they are "very satisfied" with their current data providers. OpenRise suggests that this indicates the more data providers marketers work with, the more likely they will find the right fit. 

The OpenRise report goes into some detail on the the challenges that B2B marketing and sales teams face regarding their use of external data and their relationship with third-party data providers. Additional highlights from teh report include: 

+ 56% of the marketers surveyed said they're "very satisfied" with their current data providers, while another 38% reported being "somewhat satisfied."
+ While 67% of marketers at small companies are very satisfied with their data providers, only 31% of their counterparts at large enterprises agree. 
+ B2B marketers' primary use of third-party data is to identify contacts within target companies (62%), followed by identifying new target companies (52%).

"It makes sense that most companies are satisfied with the quality of the data they're seeing from reputable data providers," said Allen Pogorzelski, VP of Marketing at Openprise. 

"The data issues most companies are struggling with are in normalizing and integrating that data from different vendors into their house databases to make it useful."