Cash In On These Local Search Takeaways

Whether it's airline tickets or auto sales, there's a lot to learn from industry-specific findings for both those operating within that industry and those who are not. 

Search practitioners, for example, can start to gleam insights into what the search engines prioritize. Likewise, advertisers can discover what is making people click and convert.

Hearsay and Moz have released new research highlighting the top ranking wealth management firms when it comes to SEO. The study showed, according to Moz Local, that top brands utilize a layered strategy of organic search, local search and paid search ads to attract customers online.

Among the findings, Moz found the overall leader in all three search types (organic, local and paid) was Edward Jones ranking first in both organic and local. 
According to Moz, here's what we can learn from the success of Edward Jones:

"Investing in a corporate website alone is not enough. Many brands hope to gain share of attention by creating beautiful experiences on their corporate website, but the data shows that breadth is important. Along with targeted keyword phrases, having a website for every advisor and potentially city-based landing pages as well are important."
Another takeaway from the research is:

"Having a distributed footprint of brick-and-mortar locations helps wealth management firms show up on a local search map widget, but only if the company's data is represented online accurately and consistently across all locations."

For more insights into local search, read this insightful Q&A. For more insights into this research, check out the infographic below.