Does Any Business Really Need a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

This infographic on the benefits of progressive web apps (PWAs) presents a wealth of information about why businesses should consider adopting PWAs for their mobile strategy. The infographic is divided into several sections, each of which explains a different aspect of PWAs and their advantages.


The first section discusses the rise of mobile usage and the importance of providing a seamless mobile experience to customers. It notes that PWAs offer many of the benefits of a native app, but without the need to download or install anything. This makes them a more accessible option for users reluctant to download a dedicated app.


The next section outlines the technical advantages of PWAs, such as their ability to work offline and quick loading times. It also discusses how PWAs can be optimized for SEO, which can improve a business's visibility in search results.


The infographic then goes on to detail the benefits of PWAs for e-commerce businesses, such as improved conversions, reduced cart abandonment, and increased customer engagement. It also highlights some notable examples of businesses that have successfully implemented PWAs.


One particularly interesting section of the infographic discusses the potential cost savings associated with PWAs. It notes that developing and maintaining a native app can be expensive, whereas PWAs offer a more affordable alternative. Additionally, since PWAs can be developed for multiple platforms at once, they can save businesses time and money in the long run.