New TLDs Just Might Boost Organic Search

When new generic top-level domains (TLDs) were released several years ago, the search community speculated about their impact on organic search results. After all, wouldn't an extension like ".attorney" tell the search engines exactly what the site offers? Similar to exact-match domain names, there was the risk of Web professionals publishing "spammy" sites that negatively impacted higher-quality sites hosted on these domains - the case with any site, really. 

A new SEO study, commissioned by The Domain Name Association and conducted by SEO expert Chris Boggs of Web Traffic Advisors with supporting analysis from Kevin Rowe of Rowe Digital, indicates that there might just be some hidden benefits to these TLDs compared to .com, .org and other traditional extensions. 

A summary of the results are included in the infographic below (click to zoom): keyword-relevant-infographic