QUICK HIT: Creative Trends in Focus

You don't want your website to look outdated, right? Of course not - who would? That's why it is important to pay particular attention to the trends - but who in their right mind who spend hour upon hour going through the 200+ million active websites on the 'Net to find out? 

Fortunately, Shutterstock recently published some interesting research on what's trending in the world of images, video and even music/sound and it is definitely worth a closer look. The researchers identified three major creative trends:

Fantasy: Searches for "unicorn" were up 297% year over year, and searches for "mermaid" were up 145%.

New minimalism: Searches for "continuous line" were up 432% year over year, and searches for "neon circles" were up 387%. Space: Searches for "solar" were up 991% year over year, and searches for "astro" were up 671%.

While most Website Magazine readers will likely shy away from filling their digital presence with Unicorns, Shutterstock's research could provide some inspiration for your next 'Net project. Check out the infographic below for more: