5 Enterprise SEO Platforms to Consider

SEO is tricky for everyone, but it's especially tricky for large enterprise organizations with a bunch of moving parts that can be hard for any one person (or even one department, at times) to monitor.

That is why many big companies have turned, or are considering turning, to an enterprise SEO platform that will help them achieve constant, ongoing success across various industries and sectors in the natural search rankings on major search engines. Of course, this will inevitably lead to increased traffic, greater brand exposure and more conversions, which is what they really want.

Companies can use these platforms in a variety of ways that will ultimately improve their search engine optimization efforts, including helping them identify important industry segments and tailoring content and distribution to gain credibility with them - but how do they know which option is going to be right for them? Well, they could start by reading Website Magazine's list of five enterprise SEO platforms to consider.


Trusted by brands like The Home Depot, Zappos and Orbitz, among others, seoClarity is a cloud-based enterprise SEO platform that takes an integrated and holistic approach to search engine optimization. Its cloud infrastructure allows it to offer limitless scaling capabilities, meaning its users can adapt to meet the demands of their customers without a moment's hesitation. seoClarity also offers companies insights into all of the layers of their SEO efforts, allowing them to see why ranking changes happen, analyze the effects of their keywords and set up special alerts based on their specific goals.


Boasting more than 6,000 global brands among its customer base, enterprise SEO platform BrightEdge was built to help large businesses drive revenue through search marketing in a "measurable and predictable way." To do this, BrightEdge offers in-depth competitive analysis that gives users information about the SEO campaigns of their biggest competitors, including information about their backlink strategies, individual pages and which page templates are diving organic traffic, among other metrics. This is in addition to deep integrations that connect Web analytics data to SEO and social data to the BrightEdge S3.

Conductor Searchlight

The Searchlight SEO platform from Conductor offers companies billions of keywords, URLs, social signals, Web pages, backlinks and search results for both them and their competitors. This information can be used to drive a handful of Searchlight's useful SEO features, including natural search tracking, international search tracking, daily rank checking, social signal monitoring and backlink intelligence. Searchlight also offers the ability to prioritize and manage workflows thanks to advanced features like page analysis and recommendations, SEO task management, goals and KPIs, keyword category management and automated SEO alerts.


RankAbove is able to help enterprise-level businesses maximize their brand exposure and achieve a quantifiable ROI by employing a proprietary end-to-end technology that allows the platform to offer complete data aggregation and management with leading analytics providers (including Omniture and Google Analytics), which works in conjunction with RankAbove's real-time tracking capabilities. Plus, RankAbove has even made its API available, so that brands can use their SEO ecosystems to tap into custom analytics, CMS, CRM and other dashboards, which allows them to tailor the RankAbove platform to their unique business needs.


GinzaMetrics will crawl a company's website just like a search engine in order to create a personalized report on how prepared the site is for the search engines, and which issues the company will need to fix to get it there. On top of that, the platform offers daily keyword rankings with easy-to-understand color-coded movement indicators, as well as various other enterprise-specific features, including the option to manage unlimited sites per account, branded SEO dashboards and PDF reports, account-specific billing settings and more.