AJAX Search & Conversion Optimizer at SLI Systems

Site search provider SLI Systems announced two rather impressive enhancements to its solution. The company launched "Learning Search with AJAX" to improve and quicken site search and navigation experiences for users, and introduced "Conversion Optimizer" for multivariate testing of site search and navigation.

Learning Search with AJAX (which increases page load times resulting in higher conversion) requests only the necessary data from SLI's search servers when a visitor performs a search or selects an option on the search page (for example, narrowing results based on price or color, re-ordering search results, switching between grid and list views, clicking on a related search, or viewing an additional page of results). Because Learning Search with AJAX doesn't require a reload of the entire webpage, search results appear more quickly - an important must-have for ecommerce websites whose customers expect a site to be fast and efficient.

SLI Systemns also announced the launch of Conversion Optimzier today, a tool for conducting A/B and multivariate testing of search and navigation features. The solution will allow website owners to run tests on variations in site search design and features to determine which options encourage desirable customer behaviors, thereby improving conversions. For instance, site owners can test various positions for the search box, or format and refinement options for search results pages, and view the results of the tests in an easy-to-read console.

"Testing the various options for site search design takes a lot of time, and often doesn't yield actionable results, leaving you without a clear indication of best practices for your site," said Shaun Ryan, CEO of SLI Systems. "Our new Conversion Optimizer solves these problems, since we take care of the complex testing configurations for our customers - and they can see test results quickly."