AMP Adoption Slow Going

After being released nearly two months ago, Google's Accelerate Mobile Pages project isn't seeing the level of adoption expected - at least not yet.

A study released by SEO PowerSuite revealed that while most (75 percent) SEOs are aware of AMP, only 18 percent had deeply researched it.

One of the reasons for the slow adoption may be that SEOs aren't necessarily confident making the switch will result in higher rankings. According to the study, 50 percent of respondents expect AMP to significantly affect their rankings in mobile search results with 45 percent indicating that AMP is only "likely to have a slight to moderate effect" on search rankings.

The result of course is that few are actually implementing AMP. The SEO PowerSuite study found that only 23 percent have begun implementing it on their mobile sites. Twenty-nine percent, however, plan to implement it in the next six months.