Analytics-Driven Site Search from Omniture

Data from Retail Systems Research in August of 2008 revealed that 34 percent of retail executives (that means you) said site search would be a leading method to improving online sales. As your ecommece enterprise adds content to its website, customers are using site search functionality to find exactly what they need.

Omniture announced the availability of Omniture SiteSearch this morning to give marketers more control of the visitor on-site search experience by enabling them to target search result to visitors, manage relevancy and more importantly (ranking) and all while leveraging visitor behavior metrics to boost results based on conversion and popularity.

- Automatically promote best-performing products and content based on business rules driven by SiteCatalyst
- Lead visitors to relevant content or products through marketer-defined information categories-refining search results on-the-fly
- Dynamically change the format of search results based on the type of search, the set of results returned or the context of the search
- Automatically aggregate and display content from the SiteSearch index based on defined business rules
- Provide actionable insight through keyword reporting around what visitors are searching for-including top keywords and failed searches