Big List of SEO Software

If there is one area of interest  for both expert and novice Internet marketers it is software which facilitates improved natural search rankings. Quickly understood about this software category however is that it is far from a "set it and forget it" offering.


What SEO software solutions provide are the means by which you can understand the environment and capitalize on the available opportunities. So what are the top SEO software solutions on the market today?

As you might imagine - there are hundreds of offerings. While some focus exclusively on link building, others on reporting and even others on on-page optimization, a rather sizable shift has occurred over the past several years - from stand-alone software to all out platforms to help marketers improve their search engine optimization efforts.


Conductor SEO


Conductor: A provider of SEO measurement and optimization technology for enterprise marketers to manage SEO efforts. Its Conductor Searchlight offering is a subscription-based, software as a service platform for gathering data, prioritize and improve decision making and measure the ROI of search engine optimization.


Lotusjump SEO


LotusJump: LotusJump is an online tool that allows marketers to manage SEO efforts - in short, it's a sophisticated toolkit for building inbound links. What makes LotusJump unique among SEO software however is that aids in the analysis of industry trends and competitor SEO efforts and creates tasks which are prioritized based on their anticipated benefit. LotusJumpt recently added social profile tasks and Q&A tasks to their platform.


SEOmoz SEO tools


SEOmoz: A popular provider of SEO software, SEOmoz differentiates itself through its suite of link building and competitive analysis tools including Open Site Explorer (which enables users to compare backlinks with competiors, identify top pages and analyze anchor text), keyword research and ranking tools like its Rank Tracker, and several very useful on-page optimization tools to determine how targeted a page is, a crawl test to diagnose problems and more.


BrightEdge SEO Platform


BrightEdge: Another enterprise-focused SEO management platform, BrightEdge aims to help marketers extract the most possible value from organic searches. BrightEdge enables marketers to prioritize SEO projects based on their forecased ROI, identify opportunities to drive traffic and sales, and execute coordinated SEO strategies.


Ontolo Link Building Software


Ontolo: SEO is all about links and recent SEO software entrant Ontolo has its sights set exclusively on that approach. Using its proprietary analysis methods, Ontolo crawls and analyze 10-15,000 URLs each month and aggregates the link prospects into a searchable database. Users can find prospects by performing full text boolean searches on each link prospect and analyzing against relevance scores and value scores such as PageRank.



Web CEO: One of the long time vendors in the search engine optimization software industry, Web CEO remains at the top of its game. The once dominant vendor has evolved its desktop software into a very competitive online SEO offering. Web CEO offers many of the standard features including rank checking, link popularity and analytics reporting, quality assessments, and to do lists. One of the perennial leads in the space and most definitely worth a trial. 


Are there other SEO software solutions? There most certainly are! In fact, there are hundreds. Below are a few others to add to your list of solutions to review. Did we miss one? Do you know of others? Don't be shy - share your preferred SEO software solution with other Website Magazine readers by commenting below.




Link Assistant


Front Desk


Traffic Travis


SEO Elite


Trend Metrix


Raven Tools




Authority Labs