Bing Image Search Gets Pinned

Despite feeling some heat this week on the validity of its "Bing It On" challenge of Google, a new image collections feature has emerged on the Bing search engine which integrating data from social pinboard Pinterest.

Bing recognized that even though it uses all the cutting-edge tech (powerful filtering tools and immense computational horsepower) it has at its disposal, sometimes "the most interesting pictures on the Web are being collected by people, not computers," according to the announcement. That's a pretty big shift and one that other search engines (maybe even Google at some point) could adopt in the future.

Bing released its Pin to Pinterest feature back in April '13, allowing its users to pin and save image results found on Bing image search. Bing is essentially evolving that relationship, bringing together curated image collections to its image search. The curated image results will be shown on the right side of the regular search results (seen below).