Bing Makes it Easier to Find People

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 14 May, 2013

According to Bing, people are the second most searched for category on its search engine, and represent nearly 10 percent of all searches. 

Because of this, the company has launched a new feature to its search engine called People Autosuggest, which enables users to find people faster from the search box. 

For example, if you leverage Bing to search for a celebrity, politician, athlete or professional with a publicly available LinkedIn profile, Bing will provide a snapshot of information about that person (as well as other prominent people who share the same name) directly below the search bar. This makes it easier and faster to discover the exact person you are looking for, as well as increases the visibility of searched-for people.

Bing's blog states that this feature not only makes it simple for users to keep tabs on their favorite celebrities or sports stars, but can also be used to learn more about someone's professional background. Additionally, Bing notes that users should stay tuned for future updates to Snapshot (which is the center column of the search page that displays answers at a glance), as the company is "constantly expanding the number of available entities in Snapshot, including people, places and things."