Bing Reinvents its Video Search

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 01 Jul, 2015

Popular Bing has announced a makeover to its video search layout.


In order to help spur a better user experience Bing has introduced a variety of new features and capabilities on of which is bigger thumbnail images that Bing hopes will make finding the right video easier. Also, the search engine will begin to put additional information on the video search page akin to upload data and view count. Furthermore, Bing has also reworked the related searches functionality to be "inline" with users' original search, meaning that as they scroll down the page they will see suggestions to help them refine their search.


Additionally, Bing updated its song search results by displaying an enlarged image, or "hero," for the song. The hero will then play on screen or users can click through to go to the source of the video and watch it there.



"People love online videos. A video can teach us something new, connect diverse communities, or simply entertain. It's no wonder this space continues to boom with billions of videos viewed online each month," states the Bing blog announcement. "To make the Bing video-search experience even better, we just released a new layout that makes searching easier and faster. The design changes give you the information you need to quickly pick the right videos to watch."