Bing Search Gets Developer Friendly

Bing is streamlining the results provided for technical searches, making some not-so-minor adjustments to improve the engine's search experience for developers, programmers and software engineers.

Over the past year, the search engine has been working to develop a more "natural way" for users to address technical queries - from downloading or troubleshooting software or just receive the technical details of an API. In the case of learning about an API, it's often useful to see the actual code and technical details - and that's just what Bing is presenting now on the search results (see image below).

Bing is also giving special treatment to these technical queries - which often contain non-alphanumeric characters. The search engine is essentially giving special treatment to the technical queries so that the context is presented and it shows relevant results on top.

Neither of these are really search game changers, but are definitely a step forward for Bing in their pursuit of a better, and more beneficial relationship with developers.