Bing Set to Pass Yahoo! in Natural Search Share

According to iCrossing's Enterprise Natural Search Share Index for December 2009, Google is rolling along nicely but Yahoo! continues its downward spiral.

iCrossing reported that Google's natural click share rose 0.78% from November to December, and rose 3.01% year-over-year. Yahoo! has declined slightly month-over-month, though year-over-year Yahoo has lost 2.83% share of all search traffic referred. The good news came for Bing, whose share of the search market grew 1.07% year-over-year despite slipping 0.19% month-over-month.

So what does this all mean for the search landscape? According to the post from iCrossing's Rob Garner, "If the current trends continue, MSN/Bing will overtake Yahoo as the Number 2 search engine at the end of Q1 2010 and Google will pass 80% market share in the same time frame."

Share of natural search clicks