Bing Speeds Up Search

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 18 Jul, 2013

Bing is speeding up its search results by introducing more than seven new categories to its Autosuggest feature.

In May, Bing launched People Autosuggest, which provides searchers with a faster way to find the person they are looking for, as a snapshot of information appears directly below the search bar. That said, Bing has expanded the number of categories that Autosuggest supports to include brands, movies, albums, places, software, sports teams, animal species and more.

The Bing Blog provides the example of a search for the term "pitbull", which could be referring to either the dog breed (animal) or music artist (person). In a case like this, Bing serves up thumbnails for both possible results so that searchers can quickly identify the result they desire.

In addition to offering a variety of results for terms with dual meanings, Bing is providing a snapshot of relevant information for other terms, such as "Empire State Building", so that searchers can get an idea of what type of content they will receive once they click through.

Bing states that the company is utilizing an underlying technology called Satori to understand the relationships between millions of people, places and things. This technology speeds up the search process so that users can find exactly what they are looking for without even hitting enter once they type in a keyword.