Bing's IIS SEO Toolkit Now Available

Microsoft/Bing has released what amounts to one of the most powerful free server-side SEO (search engine optimization) tools available.

The IIS SEO toolkit, which caters to Web developers, hosting providers and Web server administrators, aims to "improve discoverability and user experience" for websites and it's going to be a game changer.

The IIS SEO Toolkit includes a Site Analysis module, a Robots Exclusion module, and a Sitemaps and Site Indexes module. These tools let you perform detailed analysis and offer recommendations and editing tools for managing files.

The Site Analysis module in particular is pretty impressive. It allows users to analyze local and external websites for a site's content, structure, and URLs and can be used to identify problems in site content that may negatively affect visitor experience.

A set of pre-built reports to analyze a site's compliance with SEO recommendations and discover problems (broken links, duplicate resources, or performance issues) is also included.

Building custom queries against the data gathered during crawling is also supported.

We're still looking through it but are already quite in awe that a solution of this caliber is freely available.