Blame it on Rio - Your New SEO Success, That is

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 26 Apr, 2012

Search marketing agency Covario has released a new business unit aimed at growing the market for its present SEO and social media software tools.


Rio SEO will focus on serving the automation needs of in-house SEO managers extending from large to mid-size companies, as well as search marketing practitioners at digital agencies that provide SEO and social media services to their clients.


A suite of organic search marketing and social media software tools for content marketing, auditing, reporting and competitive analysis highlight the launch. Rio SEO will provide technology applications designed to help marketers and retailers that generate huge amounts of content optimize their Web pages with minimal IT support, as well as build corresponding mobile sites optimized for devices like smartphones and tablets.


At launch, Rio SEO is also offering the first of several application-specific SEO and social media modules to come.


The initial tool is called Rio SEO Change Tracker, an application module that will help SEO managers and digital agencies discover, diagnose and address website changes - often emanating inadvertently from other areas of an organization, such as IT, marketing, ecommerce and website design - which can cause numerous SEO performance problems if not caught quickly and fixed right away.