Competitive Social Research from Unmetric

Facebook has long been an important part of the digital marketing ecosystem but performance analysis has been relatively difficult up to this point. Fortunately, that is starting to change as brands look to expand beyond like and click tracking on the network.


Social media intelligence platform Unmetric announced this week that it has added Facebook post reach (the number of people who saw a post) and impressions (the number of times a post is displayed) to its Analyze products.



It's a useful addition as the only way social media managers/analysts were able to access reach and impression data for their own pages previously was from Facebook itself. There is no way on Facebook to benchmark against the competition, but Unmetric's updated solution makes it possible to rview the estimated post reach and impressions of more than 55,000 brands.


"While reach and impression data could be viewed as a throwback to traditional mass media advertising, it's often the first metric social media analysts bring up because it's easy for everyone to understand the number of people who saw your content," said Lux Narayan, CEO of Unmetric.


"Even with so much available data, reach metrics were one of the top two features our brand and agency clients requested, second only to the ability to detect competitors' promoted posts, which we introduced earlier this year."