Controversy + Links = Success

Links are important to the success of any website, whether you sell ice cream or run an online magazine.  And there is one sure-fire way to get more links to your site.  Be controversial.


Who wants to read the same old stuff that can be found on millions of other sites?  By taking a different approach than anyone else, your site will create a buzz.  Links will follow.  A competitor may even link to your site.  Even if your logic seems terribly flawed to most people, others will link to your site - even if it's only to laugh at your "crazy" ideas.  But those links will certainly pay off in the end.


Now, we're not suggesting you destroy your credibility by making up wild stories and making false claims.  But go ahead ... step out on the ledge a little.  You'll create a stir, get more links to your site and increase traffic.  You might even sell more mint chocolate chip or attract new subscribers.