Corporate SEO Checklist for YouTube Videos

Imagine if the Amazon River was filled with GOLD and you could divert it to your backyard. Well that is what YouTube has recently become, a goldmine of traffic. It offers a great opportunity to quickly attract tons of traffic to your website.

That's why corporations worldwide are trying to figure out the magic of optimizing for YouTube. This is why I want to share a great checklist for success!

While your competition struggles with other channels, you can spend your time diverting one of the money making streams of the internet to your YouTube Channel and YOUR WEBSITE!

Check Out the Corporate Video SEO Checklist
Using this list you can make your video stand out in the crowded searches of YouTube!

- Get Your Video's Keywords
- BIG Descriptions not small ones
- Share. Share. Share.
- Get Subscriptions and Likes
- Build Playlists with Keywords

Use this list every single time you decide to push out a video. It'll provide a great framework, and make sure you don't forget the important parts of making your video rank!

Get Your Video's Keywords
First thing you should go attack is your competitor's videos. Find out what keywords they are using in their titles.

You can combine this list with an old fashion keyword research you would do for a SEO campaign, and if you don't know what tools to use reference this infographic.

You want to rank not only on YouTube BUT GOOGLE TOO! This is why this keyword list is VITAL to your success.

I highly suggest creating a Google Spread sheet and label it "Video Keywords!" I recommend Google Spreadsheets so you can quickly share it with your team.

BIG Descriptions not small ones
Even as Google gets smarter and smarter (a little bit like Skynet from Terminator - smart), it still hasn't decoded your videos to figure out what they are about.

With huge video descriptions it gives more keywords to index, more reference points, and more to read for your viewers.

This will help make YouTube's job easier to know what your video about. When viewers are like me, we always read the description to learn more about a good video. Take out that list we made in the previous checkpoint called "Video Keywords." Now spread those keywords throughout your description, but write for a HUMAN still and not to just stuff keywords.

Share. Share. Share.
Say it with me! Let's share. Remember the thing our parents taught us when we were little kids? It's always good to share.

Get on LinkedIn, Quora and Twitter and find out people who are asking for help. Then share. Don't just start sharing; otherwise you might piss off some people who don't like you spamming your content all over the internet. At the end of the day you want to be appreciated not hated.

Get Subscriptions & Likes
When you ask, you shall receive as the old adage says. This is why you should take a moment at the end of your video to ask the viewers to subscribe and like your video. It only takes a moment.

This is vital to ranking your YouTube video because it doesn't consider links in its ranking factors and looks at things such as subscriptions, views and liking.

Call-to-Actions (CTA) are necessary. Look up the reasons why YouTube was a hit. It had plenty of share options to share throughout the website.

reate Playlists like You Would for Your iPod
We all like stuff organized. It gives us a peace of mind. Let's do the same for your video channel. Organize it by playlists.

Now bring out that keyword list we made earlier, and use it here to name your playlist properly. It'll help that rank, and in-turn bring you even more traffic!

Final Thoughts All my tips above can help you ONLY if the video you publish is worth seeing. Don't expect for it to go viral, if it isn't worthy of sharing. The tips above will help a good video get the recognition it deserves!

About the Author: Ryan Chester is a digital marketing connoisseur. Having helped Fortune 500s with , and many other companies across the globe achieve success with search engine optimization, email marketing, pay-per-click campaigns, and countless other improvements.