Domain Importance in Bing Ranking

Does a keyword rich and exact match domain name help improve a company's organic rankings? Bing's Duane Forrester wants to set the record straight on the matter. 

Forrester indicated in a blog post that ranking today is a result of many signals being fed into the system, making the words used in a domain send less "information into the stack" as a percentage of overall decision-making signals. That of course doesn't mean that the keyword richness plays no role whatsoever, but rather, it doesn't have as much influence as it once did. 

The focus for websites and SEOs, according to Forrester, should be on the user experience and relevancy - to, essentially, reach a point where domain names wouldn't matter. To get there, it's necessary to create something that "makes people want to share the site, recommend the site and revisit the site themselves;" which is where content, user experience and relevancy come into play.